Our Story

Working closely with our customers over the last 15 years has driven nothing but a continuous evolution of our services. Avirton was built from a customer’s request for an innovative solution to help reduce operating costs while providing control within a health and wellness organization.

Our first smart card application delivered on the promise to reduce operating expenses up to 60%. Further expansion within this market introduced us to membership clubs and manufacturing. We’ve expanded our network to include a vast array of RFID applications working with many RFID standards, including tag encoding, workflow, loyalty and membership solutions.

Who are we ?

Avitron is a software and hardware company that specializes in Information Management Systems and Process automation using RFID technology.

Our Organization

We strive to listen and apply our personal experiences to provide businesses with the greatest services available, while maintaining personal connections with customers. You can be assured of nothing but top quality products from Avirton.

Information Systems

No two customers are identical, and the devil is in the details. Outside of heavily structured customer experience, are all the other touchpoints that need attention. Whether it be progressive personalization, location-based services, relevant messaging and more, we focus on seamless experiences spanning all physical and digital touchpoints.
We provide end-to-end highly scalable and reliable cloud-based solutions, meeting all customer requirements.

Our response to COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted existing supply chains for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), creating shortages in both health care and non-health care sectors. PPEs are crucial to maintaining safety of front-line service personnel (health care workers, retail workers, delivery people, etc.) and reducing the risk of infection. Perhaps more importantly, since in vast majority of the cases COVID-19 infections are fully or mostly asymptomatic, PPE shortages increase the risk of the spread of infection. One infected but asymptomatic front-line worker risks infecting all people they are interacting with. Thus it is crucial that all front-line workers have access to the PPE they need.

In partnership with UoT Rotman Business School we implement and support COVID PPE HELP.
COVID PPE HELP is a network that facilitates distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to organizations in forms of customers, suppliers, donors and logistics to help fulfill PPE needs across Canada www.covidppehelp.ca

RFID Technology


  • It is a powerful breakthrough technology that is revitalizing the information systems of some of today’s leading organizations, including Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defence.
  • With its broad application possibilities it can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a business of any size and industry
  • It can reduce operating costs, speed-up various processes, enhance security, and transform your business into a more organized and successful venture.

Why Now?

  • RFID has become affordable and more reliable through recent innovations, thereby making alternatives such as bar-coding obsolete
  • As the world is heading into a global recession, companies and whole industries are working to restructure themselves in order to survive and maintain a competitive edge.

Avirton Workflow

  • Using RFID technology, Avirton’s Workflow Solution can reliably and in real-time, help small to medium-sized businesses track products or service processes. Anytime, anywhere using cloud-based software.
  • The Avirton Workflow Solution allows businesses to keep their records and orders organized. All orders are tracked, with real time status’ indicating what step the order is currently in.
  • Alerts and automated messages are also available to inform businesses of any predefined events.

Avirton Membership

A software tool to help small to medium-sized businesses keep track of member visits, better understand program usage, track their payments and connect with customers

The Avirton Membership App is customer oriented, self-contained and a flexible tool for many types of businesses
  • Designed to provide all necessary tools to maintain excellent relationships with members
  • Brings comfort and confidence for everyday use
  • Solution is a cloud-based application, does not require on-site infrastructure
  • Works simultaneously with different types of scanning devices such as RFID, barcode scanners and NFC
  • Provides quick access to all information from computers and handheld devices
  • Is immediately ready to use upon implementation, and is designed to fulfill all membership types:
    • Gyms
    • Libraries
    • Clubs
    • Retail stores
    • Healthcare offices
    • Human Resources

Avirton Loyalty

A web-based software tool to help merchants encourage customers to continue shopping at or using their services.

Avirton Loyalty is great solution to help you build better bonds and marketing strategies
  • Designed to provide simple ways to reward your brand and customers
  • Loyalty program is a proven approach to interact more with customers, attract new customers and maintain strong relationships
  • Solution is web or rich client based with storage in cloud [No need of complex infrastructure]
  • Manages simple and complex point structure
  • Is integrated with different technologies: RFID smart cards, Magnetic stripe cards and barcodes